When Winter comes, you usually say goodbye to the beautiful tan skin you worked so hard on all Summer. But guess what.. I am writing today to tell you about how I keep my summer glow and bright skin all winter long!

It can be rough adjusting to a new season, so I decided I would write about my favorite tips & tricks to keeping my skin looking bright & fresh.

I have received a few questions regarding my bronzed, glowing skin, so I wanted to share my personal tricks & tips along with which products I love and am currently using.

Here is my current + quick & easy routine to keeping that summer glow and bright skin:


You might not consider this to be a key step in your routine because you aren’t showing off your bare legs as often, but I cannot express enough how important this step is. The first thing I do is exfoliate. Before I get in the shower, I love to use my Daily Concepts Dry Brush. If you have never tried a dry brush you are missing out! This is used to smooth, soften and detox your skin. If I forget to dry brush before getting in the shower, I will use my exfoliating gloves that I keep in the shower. Exfoliating is so important because it removes all the dead skin to uncover fresh new cells underneath. It also allows for your other products such as moisturizes and self tanners to penetrate the skin better. After exfoliating, grab your favorite razor and remove all the unwanted hair!



This step is probably my favorite step. With a mix of changing seasons and dry Utah weather, moisturizer truly is my best friend. I love to moisturize right when I get out of the shower. My skin just feels so much softer if I apply my moisturizer while my skin is still damp. Three of my go-to moisturizers are the Hempz Triple Moisture Body Creme, Queen Helene Hand + Body lotion, or Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer.

Wild + You | Perfect Summer Glow

***This post contains Amazon affiliate links. That means that if you make a purchase after clicking on a link I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I promise to always link products that I love and use myself.

This step goes a little further than just moisturizing though. I am a huge fan of the Isle of Paradise product line and I am in love with the Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops! I use them in the Medium shade. It is so easy to use! Just add a couple drops to your moisturizer and apply to your skin to get that perfect summer glow!

And there it is! Super quick and super easy!

What are some of your favorite ways to keep that perfect summer glow? Leave a comment and let me know!

xx | Ray



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