Hello, friends!

I am officially 16 weeks pregnant today so I thought I would post a little pregnancy update and share some of my pregnancy must haves. I cannot believe that we are almost half way to meeting our little babe! We are still waiting to find out the gender, but with everything currently going on around us we may have to wait a little bit longer!

I finally have my energy back after the worst 1st trimester ever! It is so nice to finally feel like myself again! My baby bump is growing and we have another four week checkup tomorrow!

The list below includes a few products I have used throughout my pregnancies and have truly loved. Leave a comment and let me know what your own personal favorite pregnancy must haves are!

Now let’s get to it!










Frank Body Scrub

I have used Frank Body Coffee Scrub for years! The Original Coffee and Coconut Coffee are two of my favorites. I always have this on hand in our house, even when I am not pregnant. Not only does it help smooth and fade stretch marks & scars, but it leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated! 


Bio Oil

Another one of my ultimate favorites is Bio Oil. It is super hard to avoid having dry skin here in Utah, so this is truly a must for me. I apply it to my belly and around other stretch mark prone areas, twice a day + always after I shower, to keep my skin extra hydrated. I will sometimes even add a little bit to my face, neck and chest! 


Vitafusion PreNatal Multivitamins

Fun fact: I can’t swallow pills. Ever since I was younger, I just cannot do it. I literally have to shove a pill down my throat or crush it up and put it into something if I absolutely have to. So for the most part, I stick to liquids or gummy/chewable when I can! Which brings us to these fabulous PreNatal Multivitamins by Vitafusion. They have a great taste and are a simple, chewable gummy multivitamin. They work for me and I will continue to use them until my doctor says otherwise!


QuiFit Gallon Water Bottle

Water, water, water! I am really good about drinking water, especially during Summer. This QuiFit Gallon Water Bottle has been a life saver for me. I drag it around with me wherever I go, and I love the fun little reminders it has! It comes in a lot of fun colors and motivates me to keep drinking throughout the day! 


Pregnancy Pillow

If there was one thing I could tell you I absolutely need during pregnancy, it is this pillow. I have piles of pillows on my bed on a regular basis, but they don’t stand a chance to this pillow. I love the shape of it and that I can literally wrap it around my body! It has truly been a lifesaver for me at night!

***This post may contain affiliate links. That means that if you make a purchase after clicking on a link I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I promise to always provide my tried and true reviews regarding products that I link.**


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