Hello, friends!

Spring is here and Easter is only about a week away! I am also going on 17 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and we are so excited to meet him! I cannot believe we are almost halfway there!

I am not one to wait until last minute to get things together for holidays, and I try to avoid the picked over stores as much as possible, so I decided to get some orders placed early for this year’s Easter Basket! I can’t believe next year I’ll be shopping for two! This year’s Easter is going to be a lot different to say the least. I am glad I got a head start on my Easter stuffers myself, but it’s not too late for you to get items if you haven’t started yet!

My parents always made holidays super fun for us, so I find myself trying to do the same with Jaxson! I like to buy useful items that he will love and need, and items that won’t be thrown away in a week such as “cheap” toys and loads of candy.

Wild + You - What's In Our Easter BasketCarrot Felt Ball Garland from Handcrafted Buffalo

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Some of the items I always try to include are Spring shoes or sandals, a beach/pool towel, and a book – because we love books at our house. I’ll also include a some candy, a signature chocolate bunny or some peeps (Jaxson loves them!… yuck!) Lastly, I will search around for unique items, games or art supplies, personalized items or things that fulfill his current interests. Last year, he played flag football in the Spring so we included a new football and some gloves!

Below I will link up the items I’ve snagged so far + a few things I am still waiting on!


These shoes are super popular with kids right now! Jax has wanted these for a while so I was super excited to add them to his basket! These also come in some really bright and fun colors which would be so cute for Spring!

Checkerboard Slip-On Vans


We are always on the GO! So one of Jax’s favorite shoes to quickly grab are his Nike Slide Sandals. He wears them so much that they are well worth the buy! He has officially outgrown his old ones so I figured it was the perfect time to get hime some new ones! They have lots of great colors for girls and boys!

Nike Kawa Kid Slide Sandals


During warmer Spring days and all Summer long you will find us at the pool, local splash pad or running through the sprinklers! I purchased Jaxson a super fun beach towel but wasn’t able to snag a photo of it online and it hasn’t arrived in the mail, so I am sharing these Herringbone Pestemal Beach Towels from Target that are SO darling and I purchased for our home!  This towel is available in some other really beautiful colors! I purchased the Yellow, Pistachio, Pink, Orange, and Soft Aqua! – You can never have enough towels! For your child, they also have some really fun printed ones which is where I found Jaxson’s!Herringbone Pestemal Beach Towels


This is a category I could go on and on about, so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet for this post and talk more in detail about it another time. BOOKS! – We love books at our house. Jaxson has a book wall in his room right now. I would eventually like to move it into a playroom once we build our new home and change out the books for holiday seasons, seasonal books for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, etc! For this year’s Easter Basket I decided on the book ‘You Belong Here’ by M.H. Clark. I love the story and the beautiful illustrations. If you decide to buy a book, just remember that it doesn’t have to be an “Easter” themed book.

You Belong Here


As I mentioned earlier, Jaxson LOVES Peeps. I, on the other hand, DO NOT. This set of 12 Blue Bunnies costs $2.19. If 12 is too many for your child (which I think is also too many for my own!) then they have this cute Easter Rainbow Chick Pop that includes four rainbow colored Peeps on a stick for $2.09.

Peeps Blue Bunnies



I feel like everyone eventually owns a few of these at some point! I know I have a little bit of a stockpile myself! We do a big Easter egg hunt every year at my Grandpa’s house, and as our families grow so does our egg count! I love the color of these ones and they are perfect for filling with little candies!

Plastic Eggs


Crayola Silly Scent Markers

I saw these and thought they would be super fun to add to our basket this year! Now that he is in school, we use markers often for homework or projects, and we still love to color and draw pictures! This set includes 12 Silly Scents including Fruit Punch, Blueberry and Marshmallow!

Silly Scent Markers


Crayola 48ct Sidewalk Chalk

We love chalk at our house! It is such a fun activity to do all Summer long! This set is less than $5 and includes 48 different colors! This mama also loves that it is washable, both from clothes/skin & our sidewalks!

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk


Bubble Gum Bat

Jaxson loves sports. He plays baseball and football during all on seasons. That takes up a lot of his time during Spring and Summer. I fell in love with this cute Dubble Bubble Home Run Bubble Gum Bat and I thought Jax would really enjoy it! 

Bubble Gum Baseball Bat


Wolfie The Bunny Book 

Another fun book I picked up is Wolfie The Bunny by Ame Dyckman. Such a cute story and super fun illustrations!

Wolfie The Bunny



I found these cute sunnies from Old Navy and knew immediately I wanted to get some for Jax. He loves to wear sunglasses and I thought they would be perfect for him! Old Navy always has great deals! I was able to snag these for 50% off!



Pirate Skull Pool Float

I’m really hoping we will be able to get to the pool and enjoy our floats this Summer with everything going on around us currently. We live at the pools and lakes with our friends + family during the summer, so I knew I wanted to incorporate some fun Summer toys like this!

Pirate Skull Pool Float


Xbox Gift Card

Another simple idea is a gift card. Gift cards to their favorite restaurant, a fun family activity, or in our case- an Xbox gift card because he LOVES to buy new games or upgrades. It’s a small thing that he will really enjoy.

Xbox Gift Card

Tie Dye Kit

We love to do Tie Dye! You can tie dye shirts, socks, sweaters, and more using this party kit! It comes with lots of colors, gloves and rubber bands for the whole family to use!

Tie Dye Party Kit


I hope this post gave you some fun ideas for your own Easter Basket, or even just Spring & Summer activities! Leave a comment below and let me know what is something in your Easter Basket!


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