Hello friends!

Yesterday was the first day of Fall and I am here for it!! Who else is excited?

Aside from the crisp, cool weather and watching all the leaves change around us, I love all the activities that Fall brings!

Here in Utah, Fall doesn’t last long. We can sometimes see all four seasons in one day! It’s a little crazy. Because it doesn’t last near as long as I would like it to, I love to create bucket lists for each season! This makes it so easy for our little family to get out and do all the fun activities we want to do! We simply choose an activity from the list and BAM! We are on our way!

With my hair undone, wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, I was able to sneak away to Target for the second time after having our sweet baby Myles. And boy, was it nice!! My purpose was to exchange a box of diapers for a different size but of course I couldn’t resist quickly browsing all the aisles!

I came across this darling Fringe Studio pink floral sketch book and immediately knew I wanted it. Can I draw beautiful artwork? NO. Can I doodle and write? YES! I honestly love to doodle. When I worked my 9-5 a couple years ago, I would doodle all over my big desk calendars each month. It is a fun + creative outlet for me!

So I put the sketch book in my cart. Now, I needed some pens or markers. I already have a very large collection of different pens and markers at home. I have erasable pens, sharpies, etc! You name it, I probably have it! But what better way to break in a new notebook than using a new set of markers! I found these Zebra Midliner double ended markers and I loved the colors! They looked bright and fun, so I knew right away I would like them!

Flash forward to the relaxing 7 minute drive back home!

Breastfeeding is time consuming. I found myself constantly staring at the baby while he ate which was causing a terrible strain in my neck. If I wasn’t staring at him, I was starting at the wall, or even worse- staring at my phone. Like I don’t already do that enough! So I was excited to sit down and doodle my heart out for 20 minutes while I was attached to baby M!

20 minutes later I had a fun little Fall 2020 doodle page of activities for us to do! I normally do a seasonal list on the computer, which I’ll be posting on the blog in a couple days, but I loved to let my creativity out on this little page!

I would love to hear what your favorite Fall activities are + ways you let your creative side out! Leave a comment below and let me know!

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