Do you know that feeling you get when you meet someone truly remarkable? Like truly, truly remarkable. Someone whose energy you are instantly attracted to. You just want to know them. You want to be on their same level of energy.

That’s Grace.

She is one of those people. And thanks to good ol’ Instagram I was able to cross paths with her.

What a crazy world we live in.

There are literally BILLIONS of people in the world! BILLIONS, WITH A “B”. That is insane when you think about it! It would be interesting to see a list of all the people you’ve ever met or crossed paths with in your life. I wonder how many would be on my list.

Anyways, I am getting wayyyy off topic. Back to Grace.

I crossed paths with her on Instagram when I heard that her pure and golden soul was offering quick mini Mother’s Day photo sessions for FREE to all the Moms!! LIKE WHAT? At first I thought “this girl must be crazy”.

I love her for doing this. For offering something that many Moms don’t always get the chance to do. But honestly…. DO IT. Save the money. Find the time. Take the photos!!

I love, love LOVE having our photos taken. They mean so much to me and they are so fun to look back on. So I had to jump on the #gracekingmomthing train and get my photos taken by her!!



She literally shot us in 5 minutes. There were a line of women with their children or adorable bumps getting ready to have their photos taken at this beautiful location!

Here was my Instagram Mother’s Day post:

“These boys are growing like weeds. I love these sweet little humans with all that I am.

One day they’ll be too big for me to hold. One day they won’t let me smother them in kisses like they do now. One day I’ll look back at these photos and miss wiping their messy faces and bribing them with ice cream for their best smiles.

So until then, I will continue to soak up every moment with their perfect little selves and I’ll gladly use Mother’s Day to hold them all day long!

To my boys, the ones who made me a Mama.. I’m the luckiest to have you.”

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