This year I decided I wanted to create our Christmas bucket list in a BIG way.

Creating a seasonal bucket list is one of my favorite things to do. I love lists and schedules and being organized, so having it all written down in front of me makes me so happy. I’m a planner to say the least.

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I rolled out some paper, grabbed a sharpie and began to jot down all of our ideas that we wanted to do as a family. The best part is seeing it come to life and the anticipation to do all of them! I hung it on the wall and spruced it up with a garland and MERRY banner.

I love how simple and fun it turned out! You don’t need to be crafty or have a ton of supplies to create your own bucket list! Here is the Kraft paper I have! I use it for so many things and absolutely love it!

Tell us an activity that is on your Christmas bucket list this year!

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