With Valentine’s Day being a little more than a week away I decided to throw together a little Valentine’s treat board filled with our favorite treats.

Making a Valentine’s treat board is easy because stores are filled with lots of pink, red, and heart shaped candies and treats!

Here are some of my favorite finds for this board and where I found them:

Home Goods- Heart shaped wooden board, sprinkles

Target – Favorite Day Sea Salt Caramels, Favorite Day bakery mini cupcakes, Favorite Day bakery frosted sugar cookie, Cupid’s Mix M&M’s, red and white heart gummies, Ghirardelli milk chocolate caramel hearts

Trader Joe’s – Gummy X’s and O’s

Costco – Heart shaped macarons, strawberries

Snack Worthy- Valentine’s gummi bears, frosted heart pretzels

Local grocery store- Hostess strawberry cheesecake pink donettes

Can you guess what treats from this board are my favorite?

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